Gondwana Carbon

„We drive positive climate and nature outcomes by developing and supporting projects that deliver social, environmental and economic benefits.“

The opportunity

Integrity through meaningful actions: An unrivalled group of professionals brought together for a common purpose. 

The drive towards net zero is a massive opportunity to reduce the impacts of man-made global warming by developing high quality carbon emissions reduction and removal projects at scale, decarbonising the corporate sector, and investing in scalable, solutions-focused technology. 

Gondwana is the old Southland.

When it split off from Pangea, the Earth’s mother continent, Gondwana incorporated present-day South America, Africa, Arabia, Madagascar, India, Australia, and Antarctica. Gondwana is about restoring the balance. The age of Gondwana saw the first transformation of our atmosphere by locking away of carbon, to support life as we know it. In many of the countries that formed the old Gondwana, the risks of climate repair inaction and rewards of action are great.

Our purpose

Gondwana is an ambitious climate advisor for carbon and biodiversity markets with over 150+ years of relevant experience with unparalleled insights and connectivity. 

It was founded by seasoned carbon industry experts, finance and public sector professionals with a proven track record of excellence in their field, as well as people with a knack for turning start-ups into successful businesses. They all strive to maximize environmental impacts and move beyond the status quo to deliver equitable project outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our mission

Gondwana provides end-to-end natural capital and decarbonization services. 

We emphasize high integrity and high quality when it comes to structuring, finance, development, implementation and commercialization of carbon and biodiversity projects in Australia and beyond. It is leveraging science and digital innovation to scale the carbon industry to national significance. To pave the way for more large-scale adoption of climate adaptation and mitigation practices, Gondwana offers bespoke climate advisory, such as sustainability road mapping and decarbonization pathways for corporate sector.

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The carbon and environmental project space is complex and having the right partner is critical to success.

Using a high integrity approach, Gondwana is leading the push towards new and innovative carbon methodologies, bridging the gap between impactful projects and institutional buyers.

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